Monday, September 30, 2013

Telugu Kathalu

  "Telugu Kathalu", our website, contains extra-ordinary stories told in the Indian language of Telugu. "Telugu Kathalu" consists of movie-like stories, which are 100% original. Told with spell-binding narration, they re-create a scenery in front of the eyes of the readers.

    Extra-ordinary stories which range from comical portrayals to dramatic action stories to suspense thrillers, all available at one place "Telugu Kathalu". We do not serve wanton material at all, real authentic "Telugu Kathalu" only. I am sure some of you come back telling the movie like, super narrative stories that you read here, all told in our language Telugu.

    Subjects that were not touched by anyone before (internationally), Telugu Kathalu has everything extra-ordinarily creative, edge realistic and dramatic at the same time. Come, immerse in the world of stories, witness un-paralleled phenomenon, triumph vicariously over every binding of the real world, come to "Telugu Kathalu".

Telugu Kathalu

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